About au pair childcare

Cultural Care Au Pair’s childcare and cultural exchange program offers your family affordable childcare customized to your needs with a unique international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family while providing up to 45 hours of childcare each week. Our dedicated Cultural Care offices in over 20 countries take care of screening and training each au pair — helping them obtain their visa, providing travel medical insurance, and securing transportation to your area. Local childcare consultants, such as myself, support your family throughout your au pair's stay.


Live-in coverage

A live-in provider gives you peace of mind as a busy parent. Having another adult in your home eliminates the stress of pick-up and drop-off at day care and the hassle of patching together coverage from babysitters or family members.

The ability to customize

With an au pair, your childcare works around your needs and schedule and not the other way around. By choosing how you want to schedule up to 45 hours of childcare per week, you know you have childcare when you need it most — including sick days, snow days, even nights and weekends! You also decide how your children spend their time while you're outside the home. Working with your own live-in caregiver puts you in the driver's seat of your child's activities and environment.


Fixed cost per family not per child

Hosting a Cultural Care au pair costs an average of $1,760 per month. This cost is per family, not per child, so you won't pay extra if you have more than one child. Compare au pair childcare to day care or a nanny, and you will find that au pair childcare offers a financially competitive solution.

Flexible payment plans

Whether you prefer to pay our program fee all at once or in installments using our flexible payment plan, you can decide what works best for your family's finances.

Quality program

Superior au pair screening

When you review au pair candidates through Cultural Care Au Pair, you can rest assured that each one has been recruited and screened by staff in an established Cultural Care office. (Other agencies outsource with independent agents to recruit their au pairs.) Cultural Care's screening process provides a higher level of recruitment standards and consistency in how candidates are interviewed.

Quality training program

Cultural Care’s Au Pair Training School is a 32-hour online training and orientation program administered by Cultural Care instructors. The courses are delivered online with live interactive portions as well as assignments for au pairs to do on their own. The curriculum allows au pairs the opportunity to review child safety and development basics, to continue to practice speaking English regularly, and to build a network of peers for support and friendship before they travel to the U.S. During the Training School, Cultural Care au pairs complete an online CPR and First Aid course provided by the American Heart Association. They then have the opportunity to receive certification in adult and pediatric CPR and First Aid upon successful assessment. Additionally, au pairs are given free access to online skill refreshers and digital course materials. For many families, hosting an au pair provides the flexibility, affordability and quality they are looking for in a childcare solution. Register today to start searching for your family’s perfect match!