August Updates

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August Meeting Details Our next meeting is the 20th of August (Monday) for Minor League Baseball in Woodbridge Virginia (a great experience). If you cannot make this date – or are working let me know. Au Pairs from Manassas will be in attendance as well.

It’s best to get there by 6:30, but if you will be late due to working, that’s ok – just let me know in advance. Or text 703 595-6155 on game day.

Our August 20th meeting (on a Monday evening) will be at a minor
league baseball game at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge.

The address is: 7 County Complex Court in Woodbridge.

Meeting Cost $1.00 plus parking fee if you choose to drive there. Parking is around $5-$7 per car. Carpool may be best option.

******This is an event where you can bring a friend/host family if you want too. Normally, we will go to the right side of the ball field on bleacher seats. As you enter the ticket area, go to the right & look for us.

Saturday, 11 August 2012 5:13 PM


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