June 09th Marshmellow Smores & More, wear your CCAP gear

1. JUNE MEETING – Volleyball, Bonfire & Smores required but fun. 09 June, Saturday at 5:45 pm. We will also be inviting the Alexandria group to join us, but we are hosting it. ***Please bring a bag of large marsh mellows with you and 1 box of graham crackers with you (Chocolate will be brought separately).

Shay will be managing the event. Wear your Cultural Care Gear (tshirts, hats etc).

Location: TISCOM
ALEXANDRIA, VA 20598-7300

NOTE: You should have already RSVP’d with me. Please remember to bring Auto Insurance Card and your Identification. Along with one box of marshmellows and one box of graham crackers.

2. SIX AU PAIR VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR WOODBRIDGE PROMOTION. 16 June Woodbridge Academy of Dance (minimum, 6 Au Pairs needed to watch little dancers in between sets, and awaiting performances). [Please confirm with me asap]. Time is 5pm to 10pm (maybe 0930pm); we sponsored this last year. We get to place advertising in their brochures and it promotes the Au Pair agency in Woodbridge. T-shirts should be worn. I will provide crayons/color sheets. If you play a guitar even better

Thursday, 7 June 2012 8:03 PM


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